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Our company, DELTA TECHNIQ Ltd, was formed in 2020, amidst the corona virus pandemic.It took lots of courage and support to start the business. The decision to go ahead was ultimately based on the thought that “Failure is not to be feared. It is from failure that most growth comes”-Dee Hock.

We are based in Aberdeen (Scotland), known globally as the ‘Oil capital of Europe’ and also a symbol of the UK’s oil and gas expertise.We have been established primary to penetrate into the India, Middle East, Africa (IMEA) and Turkey markets with cutting edge technology products.Our business philosophy is focused on creating market footprints for technology OEMs through trusted local business partnerships, in diverse export markets.

Our unique capabilities are based on our expertise in understanding customers’ demands and need for alternative technology products.Based on this understanding,we partner with small to medium sized global technology OEMs,offering niche products or solutions.

We offer products and solutions for Damage prevention & utility location, Explosive atmosphere (ATEX), Fluid control systems, Gas & Leak detection, High voltage(HV) diagnostics, Industrial remote sensing, Process instrumentation, Rework &inspection systems and Test & Measurement requirements. Additionally, we are committed to helping clients in sourcing genuine parts and products globally, at most competitive prices.

Growth opportunities in our focus markets arise from the need for differentiated products and the lack of customer focused after sales support. Our growth strategy is based on establishing a local presence for OEMs, in every market in the IMEA and Turkey region.

Over and above all, we strive to create a transparent business environment with our business partners and pride ourselves in developing mutually beneficial relationships.


To us, core values are the fundamental beliefs that defines our organisation's culture, guides our behavior and is the basis of our company's decisions making process and ultimately our actions.

  • Respect & Trust
  • We foster a positive working environment of respect and trust both within our team, and between our customers and partners. We respect all languages, religions, beliefs and cultures and comply with all local, regional and international laws. Trust is the backbone to our existence and it is backed up by our belief, in the ability and reliability of our partners to perform with utmost dignity.

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • We are honest in our actions and committed to doing the best for our company, customers and partners. We openly collaborate and have no tolerance towards harassment, aggressive behavior or abusive language towards our partners or team members. Integrity is a critical core value and it means that we consistently demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles, both in our professional and personal lives.

  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Being responsible means, we are capable of making rational or moral decisions on our own, towards our customers, partners and the society. At the same time, we are accountable and take ownership by accepting responsibility for our actions.

  • Customer Satisfaction & Continuous Improvement
  • We intensely focus on delivering on our commitments to our customers and partners by going the 'extra' mile. This assures improved customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships. We work relentlessly and focus not only on improving our services but also to problem solve, adapt and fix processes.

  • Team Work & Ambition
  • We strive for outstanding results through exceptional teamwork. It means we act with empathy, stand up for each other, even in tough times. Moreover, we are driven by ambition, it means a strong drive for success and also endeavoring to seek new opportunities, through our entrepreneurial spirit. However, we remain humble in spite of our growth and achievements.


Our mission is to reach out to customers with high quality and innovative technology products from our portfolio of brands and help them to work effortlessly while realising their maximum potential


Our vision is to be the partner of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs), seeking to create and establish footprints in new markets and also be a trusted technology partner for life for our business partners and customers.